1. Making this space home

    Today I finished putting up wall decorations and, since the weather has suddenly decided on brisk and fall this week in Bologna, went and got a blanket for my bed. My room is still half empty (roommate moves in tomorrow!) but it feels comfortable and mine. Cheesy rant starts now: I’m a strong believer in making whatever space you have for yourself really yours: whether this means putting some color up on the walls or sleeping with your favorite teddy bear or waking up next to a framed photo of your family, I think these little comforts, having a space to come back to each day, especially when living in a foreign city on your own, are meaningful.

    Our apartment 8, one of the many units in University of Bologna’s Ghigi student apartment complex and that I share with 4 other young women (2 from Italy, 2 from Cameroon), is really becoming a home. Jeeze, I budget out and buy all of my groceries, even bought communal hand towels and sponges and a lighter for our very on-the-fritz stove today, and then mopped and scrubbed the bathroom. Next week I’m scheduled for kitchen. Call me naive and spoiled but I’ve never had this much ownership of a place.

    So yeah, adjustment’s coming, slowly but surely. I didn’t even know where to begin describing life outSIDE of the apartment so I figured I’d start with a post about what’s right here. And on that note, I’m hittin the hay. Night.

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